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We put our bread making expertise towards improving your health.

Since 2009, St-Méthode Bakery has been proud to have Isabelle Huot as its spokesperson for everything and anything having to do with our assortment of healthy products. As a well-known nutritionist, Isabelle Huot is a highly qualified resource person on food-related matters. She holds a PhD in nutrition, and has a solid scientific background that has allowed her to develop a level of expertise in nutritional epidemiology that is unique in Quebec. Her knowledge has allowed her to greatly contribute to what we do at St-Méthode Bakery, notably by collaborating on product development. Ms. Huot is also involved in the bakery’s various outreach activities, and contributes to preparing health and nutrition statements about our breads. Each month, she also writes an article published on our blog, Parlons Nutrition.

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Fibre and salt consumption

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We believe in taking care of people by putting healthy and delicious bread on their table every day. That's why we put our bread making expertise towards improving your health.

Are you getting enough fibre? Are you getting too much salt? (Available in French only)