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We put our bread making expertise towards improving your health.

Since 2009, St-Méthode Bakery has been proud to have Isabelle Huot as its spokesperson for everything and anything having to do with our assortment of healthy products. As a well-known nutritionist, Isabelle Huot is a highly qualified resource person on food-related matters. She holds a PhD in nutrition, and has a solid scientific background that has allowed her to develop a level of expertise in nutritional epidemiology that is unique in Quebec. Her knowledge has allowed her to greatly contribute to what we do at St-Méthode Bakery, notably by collaborating on product development. Ms. Huot is also involved in the bakery’s various outreach activities, and contributes to preparing health and nutrition statements about our breads. Each month, she also writes an article published on our blog, Parlons Nutrition.

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Fibre and salt consumption

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We believe in taking care of people by putting healthy and delicious bread on their table every day. That's why we put our bread making expertise towards improving your health.

Are you getting enough fibre? Are you getting too much salt? (Available in French only)

Why gluten-free?

A hereditary condition linked to gluten intolerance, celiac disease is now recognized as one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. In North America, it is estimated that one in every 100 individuals suffers from it, and almost 70% of those who suffer from an intolerance to gluten are women.

"At boulangerie st-méthode, we believe that having an intolerance to gluten doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on freshness."

Gluten free freshness

Boulangerie St-Méthode presents an innovative way to bring delicious, fresh loaf to people suffering from an intolerance to gluten.

Unlike frozen gluten-free loaves available on the market, St-Méthode’s gluten-free loaf is offered in an exclusive packaging that’s unique on the market. It allows the loaf to keep its taste longer and to stay fresh 28 days without being stored in the freezer.

Health and authenticity

Driven by our desire to promote health and wellbeing, we pride ourselves on offering a vast range of wholesome products so that everyone can enjoy fresh, authentic-tasting loaf. 

In order to avoid any risk of contamination, our gluten-free loaf is made in St-Méthode in a separate factory that is dedicated exclusively to the production of gluten-free products.

Freshness and taste

St-Méthode’s gluten-free loaf is offered in a 400 g format, in white loaf and multigrain.

Just like fresh fruit and vegetables taste better than their frozen counterparts, our fresh gluten-free loaf doesn’t lose any of its taste because it doesn’t go through the freezing or deep-freezing process. Dare to compare!

St-Méthode's new fresh gluten-free loaf... A taste you can savour every day!

“In order to address the needs of people suffering from an intolerance or a hypersensitivity to gluten, Boulangerie St-Méthode is proposing a new range of gluten-free loaves. True to its values, St-Méthode truly takes the health of Quebecers to heart!” – Isabelle Huot, PhD in nutrition