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Perfect Bread

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Your personality can often give away the choices you make. You may not like it, but if the shoe fits, wear it!

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La Récolte de St-Méthode

I love my bread for its whole flours, its artisanal recipe, and its hand-selected grains. I love its generosity, which puts everyone in a good mood. Authenticity, it’s a simple idea.

Les Grains St-Méthode

I like my bread fat-free and with no added sugar. And since I don’t want one bite to put me on the road to gaining back all that I’ve worked so hard to lose, I eat Les Grains. I like taking an active approach to life.


Discover our selection of soft and nutritious breads that are sure to please the whole family.

Gluten Free

For gluten sensitive people like me, St-Méthode offers a loaf baked in an exclusive, certified gluten-free facility, and delivered in packaging that’s unique on the market. I know that I can safely enjoy its delicate crumb and flavour. St-Méthode, you truly live up to your name!